Student Movement 2019 is threatened by the issues of Terrorism, ISIS and Radicalism

VOICES.NEWS- - Revision of the KPK Law, Plan for ratification of the Draft Criminal Code Book (RUU KUHP) by the parliament (DPR) and the ...

VOICES.NEWS- - Revision of the KPK Law, Plan for ratification of the Draft Criminal Code Book (RUU KUHP) by the parliament (DPR) and the Government has drawn a wave of demonstrations from students. Not only in Jakarta, demonstrations were also massive in almost all parts of Indonesia. But today the issue of terrorism, ISIS, radicalism under the guise of religious camouflage threatens the 'Maklumat Tuntaskan Reformasi (Manifesto Completion of Reformation') which is forgotten, meaning that the demands of the 2019 student movement are threatened to be forgotten.

Since Monday, September 23 to Tuesday, thousands of students took to the streets. Their solid issue is canceling the ratification of the KPK Law Revision, the Criminal Code Bill, the Criminal Code Act, the Penitentiary Bill and the Land Bill. They considered that the bill harmed democracy.

Student Movement of Indonesia in 2019 up to now expects Jokowi to comply with the  the 'Maklumat Tuntaskan Reformasi (Manifesto Completion of Reformation') which contains as follows:

1. Restoring efforts to eradicate corruption, collusion and nepotism; 2. Restoring democracy, the right of the people to have an opinion, respecting the protection and fulfillment of human rights, and community involvement in the decision making process; 3. Restoring the implementation of agrarian reform and protection of natural resources and labor from an exploitative economy; 4. Restoring national unity by eliminating inter-ethnic discrimination, eliminating economic inequality, and protecting women.

 In Jakarta, thousands of students poured in front of the Parliament Building. They had broken into the gate of the parliament (DPR). They clashed with the police and were forcibly disbanded.
After being hit by various waves of student protests, President Jokowi yesterday, promised to meet representatives of BEM throughout Indonesia.

However, the Coordinator of the Center for All Indonesia BEM Alliance (SI) Muhammad Nurdiyansyah emphasized that at the moment the most important thing is not the meeting. However, Jokowi's concrete actions against students' demands.
 Through his position statement sheet, Nurdiyansyah said, as long as Jokowi was president, the dialogue space was limited. At least only once the BEM SI alliance was invited to the State Palace, in 2015. The meeting was held in private. "The results are clear, the student movement is divided. We learn from this process and do not want to be a tool of the rulers who are facing a crisis of public legitimacy, so that they finally forget the substance related to some of the demands for action submitted," Nurdiyansyah said, Friday (9/27/2019)
. If Jokowi wants to keep the meeting, the condition is that the forum must be broadcast live and can be watched by the public through national television channels.
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