Jokowi Reminded to Carefully Choose the Minister of Economy

VOICES.NEWS- The appointment of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as the second President is just a matter of minutes . There are a myriad of problems,...

VOICES.NEWS- The appointment of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as the second President is just a matter of minutes. There are a myriad of problems, especially regarding economic problems that Jokowi had not been able to resolve in the first period of his administration. For example, foreign debt which reached US $ 393.5 billion. If converted to around Rp.5,500 trillion (exchange rate of Rp14,000 / US $).

According to political observer Ray Rangkuti, President Jokowi must be careful in choosing ministers who have a strong commitment to reduce foreign debt, rather than maintaining a minister who likes to owe with very high interest rates.

In addition, Jokowi also needs to have ministers in the economic sector who have a concept and are tested. It is hoped that Indonesia's economic growth will not stagnate at 5%, as is currently the case. Moreover, Jokowi's campaign promise is to boost the economy to surge to the level of 7%.

"I see that the criterion is in the figure of senior economist Rizal Ramli. He is able to make the Indonesian economy not only like this. He has qualified moves in finding a way out of the crisis. He is not a text book, so there is an economic opportunity not dictated and able grow more rapidly, "Ray Rangkuti said in Jakarta, Friday (10/18/2019).

According to him, Rizal Ramli was able to overcome the threat of Indonesia's economy which would sink at 4%, as stated by analysts. In addition, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy in the era of Abdurrahman Wahid's administration and the former economic adviser to the United Nations can also realize development by no longer relying on debt.
Jokowi Diingatkan untuk Cermat Memilih Menteri Ekonomi

"He has a long history of managing the economy, quite successfully at that time. In fact, during the era of the Gus Dur (KH Abdurrahman Wahid) government, economic growth from minus 3% could be jacked up to 4.5% positive in 21 months," he said.

Regarding the presence of Rizal Ramli in the cabinet, according to Ray, this did not matter. Rizal could be a representative of the Gerindra Party, because at the time of the last presidential election he was the main thinker of the presidential candidate who is also the Chairman of the Gerindra DPP Party Prabowo Subianto.

"He can realize the ideals of Prabowo who want the economy to accelerate to double digits," Ray said.

In addition, the presence of Rizal Ramli in the cabinet was the answer to Trisakti and Nawacita's great ideas in the economic field which emphasized the sovereignty and independence of the nation.

"His presence in the cabinet represents antineoliberal economists," Ray Rangkuti said.


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