Jokowi Needs An Economist Able to Provide Economic Growth of 7.5-8%

VOICES.NEWS- After swearing in and i naugurating  in the MPR-RI to become the President of the Republic of Indonesia for the 20...

VOICES.NEWS- After swearing in and inaugurating in the MPR-RI to become the President of the Republic of Indonesia for the 2019-2024 Period, the President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) delivered an early speech during his term before the RI MPR Session, Sunday (10/20). President Jokowi said that in 2045, a century of Indonesian Independence, Indonesia must have come out of the middle class income trap.

"Our goal is that in 2045 Indonesia will become a developed country with a per capita acceleration of Rp. 324 million / year or Rp. 27 million / month. That is our target, "said President Jokowi.

The President also emphasized that in 2045, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) should reach 7 million dollars and become the top 5 country in the world economy with 0 percent poverty.

"We have to go there. We have calculated that the target is very reasonable and very possible to achieve. But all does not come automatically easily, but must be accompanied by hard work. And we have to work fast. It must be accompanied by our nation's productive work, "he stressed.

Responding to President Jokowi's optimism, researchers from the People's Sovereignty Movement (PKR) Gede Sandra looked at the possibility of per capita income of Rp 324 million / year in 2045 to be achieved.

"But with absolute conditions, the President can no longer use the Cabinet Economic Team last period which has been proven to only be able to provide 5% economic growth."

According to Gede, he had already done a calculation simulation. Assuming population growth of 1.1% per year, to be able to achieve a per capita income of Rp 324 million per year, economic growth must be in the range of 7.5% -8% annually from 2019 to 2045 or for 26 years.

"Because if our economic growth again is only stable at 5%, then in 2045 our per capita income will only be Rp. 156 million / year. Only half of Pak Jokowi's dream, "explained Gede.

In order to realize the ideals in accordance with his speech earlier, Gede suggested President Jokowi to really choose economists who are capable and experienced to increase economic growth to 7.5% -8%. There is no room in the Cabinet for economists who are satisfied with only 5% growth. * (


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