Indonesia: Students Everywhere Demonstrations, Protested Trade Minister. Nasdem and Jokowi can get Worsening

VOICES.NEWS- Student demonstrations took place in various parts of the Indonesia country refusing to import of rice by the Minister of T...

VOICES.NEWS- Student demonstrations took place in various parts of the Indonesia country refusing to import of rice by the Minister of Trade Enggartiasto. They asked the Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita to stop importing rice. The bad impact on Party of Nasdem would be sagged, even also eroding Jokowi's electability.

Campaigning for Indonesia's April 2019 presidential election began on Sunday, with the incumbent, Joko Widodo in difficult  position for a second term amid people's disappointment at the deteriorating economy and rent-seeking economy by  Minister of Trade and the the oligarchs. The contest is a rerun of the 2014 presidential election and most observers think the odds are in the challenger's favor following  the decline in the value of the rupiah, the deteriorating economy and the weakening of the purchasing power of the people, rent-seeking economy  and  the rampant corruption scandal.
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Like in Padang, students made Minister Enggar statues from straw. They held a demonstration in the courtyard of the West Sumatra Governor's office on Monday (9/24) afternoon. In the action, the statue of Enggar from the straw was burned. Image building for Minister of Trade is bad.

Demonstrations were held by students from BEM-KM Andalas University (Unand) in commemorating National Farmers Day, which falls today. The action began with a long march in front of the Bank Indonesia office. Students walk about half a kilometer to the governor's office.

The doll of Minister of Trade that was burned by the mass was a symbol of rejection of the import policy that had been carried out by the Minister Enggar. The students and peasants considered, as an agrarian country, agriculture in Indonesia should be a sovereign sector, but the opposite happened.

"We demand that the Jokowi government limit the amount of imports of rice, meat and other basic commodities," said Faizil Putra, President of BEM-KM Unand.

According to Faizil, President Director of Perum Bulog Budi Waseso had confirmed that the stock of rice in the warehouse was still safe until the end of the year. But the Minister of Trade insisted on importing 1 million tons of rice by the end of September.

They demanded that the Jokowi  government should increase the productivity of agricultural crops, especially rice, corn, soybeans, and staple crops. The government is also required to guarantee the stability of the prices of agricultural and livestock products.

The protesters were received by Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit, who promised to continue the demands of the masses to Jakarta.


Meanwhile, in Gorontalo, in commemoration of National Farmers Day, hundreds of Gorontalo students who are members of the Gorontalo Agricultural Students Alliance held an action by refusing to import rice at the Hulondalo Indah roundabout.

Students demand the government pay attention to the fate of farmers. The rice import policy carried out by the Jokowi-Kalla government made the price of rice at the level of cheap farmers.

Muhajir, the coordinator of the action of the Agricultural Student Alliance, stated that the commemoration of National Farmers' Day was a reflection so that the government would pay more attention to farmers.

"The Nawacita program that is honored by the JK-Kalla government does not all touch the farmers and the community. A lot of agricultural land but the farmers do not get profits," said Muhajir.

This action, in addition to highlighting the refusal of rice imports, asked the government not to lie about agricultural problems.

"We see the government now lying that the agricultural sector has succeeded. The harvest that is often reported is all a lie and full of imaging. In fact, we farmers' children also feel the effects of imports and the image of the government," Muhajir explained.


As for Aceh, hundreds of joint students in Lhokseumawe demonstrated at the North Aceh DPRK office, Aceh. They demanded the halt of rice imports because the absorption of farmers in the area was still very low.

"We ask the government to improve people's welfare by increasing the purchasing power of agricultural, marine and fishery products. Stop rice imports, start food sovereignty," the action coordinator Musliadi Salidan told reporters at the North Aceh DPRK building on Monday (09/24/2018).

On the commemoration of National Farmers' Day, Musliadi mentioned that farmers in the area had not yet prospered. The reality in the field is that the average farmer, especially in Aceh, still lives below the poverty line. In this case the executive and legislative should be more sensitive and care about the fate of the farmers.

"The government and the legislature should think about how to improve the welfare of farmers. Don't be busy with other things. Many farmers are still poor, especially now that rice imports are very intense. Where to take their crops," said Musliadi.

Musliadi urged the government to accommodate farmers' crops. Of course with a good price so that the standard of living of farmers increases. Furthermore, it strongly rejects the IMF-WB meeting in Indonesia.

Based on detikcom's observations, the combined student action began at 10.00 WIB earlier. Their action began in front of Tugu Rencong, Lhokseumawe City, then carried out a long march and stopped at the North Aceh DPRK building.

In that respectable building, they expressed their aspirations to the Council. Unfortunately, they were only met by a member of the Board and Secretary of the local Council. The official (Sekwan) stated that the chairman and members of the Board were not all present. They (the Council) will be present at 2:00 p.m. because there is a meeting.

After hearing this, the students, who had clashed with the police, broke up. In the afternoon, they again demonstrated and met with representatives of the Board. The Deputy Chairperson approached hundreds of demonstrators and signed the petition requested by the students.


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